Authoritarian Pandemic

The most valuable and important thing about our rights as American citizens is that they don’t ever go away. We can’t lose our rights, especially during times of crisis. But, times of crisis is when our rights are threatened most by power-hungry authoritarians. Across the country Americans are facing police brutality, curfews, and drone surveillance. People are getting arrested for going on morning runs on the beach!

The Daily Caller reports on more of this authoritarianism:

Some public officials, like Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, have gone so far as to ban people from visiting friends and family unless they are doing so to perform medical assistance. Some cities have implemented mass surveillance programs, widely considered to be illegal. Police in 22 different cities have begun using DJI drones to enforce coronavirus restrictions, despite a ban on these drones by the Department of Justice.

Religious liberty has also been on the chopping block during the coronavirus response, as states and cities cracked down on Easter celebrations earlier this month. Democratic Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear warned people in his state that he would have police take pictures of people’s license plates and force them to quarantine for 14 days if they attended Easter services, although a judge later ruled that churches had the right to congregate through drive thru services.

In Mississippi, police officers could be seen breaking up a service, with one officer telling the church’s pastor that “your rights have been suspended by the government.”

This is too far. And it is incredibly telling that the Governors grabbing for power and forcing unconstitutional measures on their populace are liberals. The jig is up, it’s time to reopen America and stop trampling on the rights of Americans.

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