TPP Action Reacts to Unemployment Claims Report

Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin — responding to the release of new numbers this morning showing another 3.8 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits — released the following statement:

“It is time to get back to work. In the last six weeks, more than 30 million of our fellow citizens have lost their jobs due to governments’ lockdown orders. That’s saddening, it’s maddening, it’s outrageous — and it must end. It is time to reopen American society.

“In too many states, the unemployment filing systems are overwhelmed. The solution is not to expedite claim processing, but to put people back to work.

“We were told originally we would have to shut down to prevent a surge that would overwhelm our hospitals, with a demand for more ventilators than we had. With the leadership of President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force, we accomplished that goal. The USNS Comfort was sent home, and NY Gov. Cuomo is sending ventilators from New York to other states where they may be needed.

“Now some continue to say we should remain in lockdown until we develop a vaccine — a vaccine, we are told, that will take ‘12-18 months’ to develop. While that is a lofty goal, we should be mindful of the difficulties inherent in vaccine development. In fact, we are still waiting for a vaccine for HIV/AIDS, and that’s been ‘in development’ for 35 years! And, to date, we have yet to develop a single vaccine for a single coronavirus, including the common cold.

“Even if it did take only 18 months, can the state and local authorities really expect their constituents to remain in lockdown for that long? That’s preposterous. These policies are hurting our fellow citizens. Domestic violence is up, child abuse is up, calls to suicide hotlines are up. We are stealing our children’s futures.

“It is time to reopen American society. This is not an either/or decision. We can reopen society and still take prudent precautions. The time for cowering is over. The time to reassert ourselves as Americans has arrived. We are the heirs to those who built a railroad that spanned a continent, those who first lifted off at a beach in North Carolina and then sent men to the moon, those who eradicated disease.


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