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Climate Activists Are All Emotions, No Facts

Climate change continues to have the left up in arms – ironic, considering they hate guns. As we’ve pointed out before, this new brand of climate change activism is just a vehicle for instituting socialism. We cannot allow this to continue. Just look at the pure emotion from climate activists like Greta Thuneberg. She’s not making arguments, nor is she doing scientific research. She’s sitting in front of cameras and crying. Take it from Emma Roberts, a conservative 17-year-old from Texas: It is preposterous to me that many of my peers are so afraid of climate change that they say they can hardly think about it. I think what they should ...

Tea Party Patriots Action Responds to Senate Vote on the Green New Deal

Atlanta, Ga. – Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin responded to today’s Senate vote on the Green New Deal: “The Democrats' ‘present’ vote on the Green New Deal proves that even they think it is too extreme an agenda to support  — and yet they are unwilling to break from partisan politics to take a clear stand against this legislation. Senate Democrats have been captured by the far left of their party.” ###