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Tea Party Patriots Action Weekly Report from Washington 04/27/20

CALENDAR:    The House and Senate are scheduled to be in recess until May 4. Given that the District of Columbia is under a shutdown order until May 15, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see that May 4 date slip.     SOCIAL SECURITY:    Trustees for the Social Security and Medicare systems released their annual report last week, and project that for the first time in 40 years, Social Security will pay benefits that exceed its income in 2021. The good news is, that’s one year later than previously projected. The bad news is, the trustees acknowledged that the projection does not take into account the potential effects of ...

What Xi Knew and When He Knew It

The Coronavirus, or as some call it the Wuhan Virus, originated in China. The steps that the Chinese Communist Party took to suppress information and their authoritarian manipulation of data make them liable for the disease’s spread to the entire globe. China is now in full PR mode, trying to maintain some sort of innocence, even going as far as to blame the United States, claiming that the military planted the virus. Bradley Thayer and Lianchao Han explain in their op-ed in The Hill: Between Dec. 27, 2019, and Jan. 5, 2020, five firms and institutions detected a SARS-like coronavirus that caused pneumonia among people in Wuhan. The researcher ...

Conservative Groups Launch Save Our Country Coalition

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- FreedomWorks Foundation, American Legislative Exchange Council, Tea Party Patriots and Committee to Unleash Prosperity in partnership with a coalition of conservative organizations and prominent individuals, today launched the Save Our Country Coalition. Led by honorary national chairman Dr. Art Laffer, the Save Our Country Coalition aims to educate and inform elected officials and policymakers at all levels of government in an effort to bring about a quick, safe and responsible reopening of US society. This coalition will exist until it is clear that the US economy has once again stabilized. Jenny Beth Martin, President of ...

Action Items for this Week: Apr 27 – May 1

Dr. Carson Wants to Reopen the Country

Many Americans have been impacted by the forced shutdown of our communities in response to the Covid-19 coronavirus. At this writing, tens of millions have lost their livelihoods and have been forced to seek unemployment, which has many Americans anxious to get back to something closer to normal. With evidence that shows the spread of the virus is slowing and significant progress has been made in "flattening the curve," it's time for us to begin reopening our country.  One expert doctor has recently weighed in: Dr. Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Development who sits on the economic task force and also happens to be a world-renowned surgeo...