On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, Tea Party Patriots Action filed an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics to request an investigation into Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and his multiple violation(s) of House Rule XXIII.

This man has lied for three years and used public money, resources, and government power to take down the duly elected President of the United States, simply because he doesn’t agree with him on policy.

Adam Schiff is a stain on the United States House of Representatives and doesn’t deserve to hold office at any level.

The following resources are available for you to read, use and share – to get the word out about Adam Schiff’s conduct, as well as support President Trump from any attempt from the Left at impeachment.

The first action item this week is to call attention to Rep. Adam Schiff’s lies and unethical actions, demanding he do the right thing and resign.


On October 8, 2019, Tea Party Patriots Action filed an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics to request an investigation into Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), and his multiple violation(s) of House Rule XXIII.

Rep. Schiff has:

  • Lied to the public and to the media about his role and that of the staff of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence with the “whistleblower,” denying that he and the majority staff had met with the whistleblower. Those statements were false.
  • Fabricated testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and only when caught, attempted to excuse his lie by brushing it off as “parody,” as though parody is now an accepted form of evidence.
  • Previously used and abused his position on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to seek damaging and negative information about President Trump from Ukrainian sources, including the use of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence staff to seek such materials.

Sign the petition now if you think that Adam Schiff should be censured by the House of Representatives, should be removed from his Intel committee chairmanship, and must resign from Congress immediately as a result of his lies and violations of House rules, as well as his continued efforts to exploit his access to power to pursue his own personal, political agenda!


Thank you for signing our petition to demand the resignation of Rep. Adam Schiff.

Everything we are able to do to support President Trump in the face of these wild and false allegations comes from the generous gifts from patriots like you.

Please consider donating today, so that we may continue to push back against the Deranged Democrats who seek to destroy our country and this President.

We launched the Trump Defense Team in order to push back against Nancy Pelosi’s decision to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump. This revelation is absolutely absurd, because just like in the Russia hoax, President Trump did nothing wrong.

In fact, President Trump was simply trying to get to the bottom of the corruption that led to the Russia hoax and the interference by government officials in the 2016 election, and now the Democrats are pushing impeachment hard. This is President Trump trying to drain the swamp and the Democrats trying to impeach him for it. It’s time for us to stand up and fight back! Sign the Petition and send the message to Congress that we support President Trump.



  • Find the nearest district office (in the documents below).
  • Call the office in advance and let them know you are coming, and identify yourself as a constituent.
  • Once you have secured a meeting time, email the staffer the day before the scheduled meeting with any relevant information.
  • Print out copies of the articles we’ve included in our how-to guide to take with you.
  • Print out a copy of the letter to your member of Congress included in our how-to guide. Be sure to fill in his or her name and relevant information before printing!


  • Dress professionally.
  • Always be respectful and courteous, even if you disagree with the Member or staffer.
  • Be concise and make a clear argument.
  • Give your business card (or similar) to the staffer.
  • Leave a folder with any other information (i.e. op-eds, FAQ’s, etc.) you want to leave with them, as well as the copy of the letter to the Member.


  • The day after the meeting, send a thank you email to the staffer. Thank him or her for meeting with you, and offer to answer any questions he or she may have.
  • Let Tea Party Patriots Action know about your meeting and if there is anything we should do as a group to hold the Member accountable.

Find your state and download the file. A list of districts for each representative can be found in every document.


Call the Capitol Switchboard and ask to be transferred to both of your senators’ offices and to your U.S. representative’s office. Or use the contact pages of your members of Congress for other ways to reach them.
(NOTE: You will need to call the Capitol Switchboard each time to be transferred.)



Or look up your members of Congress below.

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Members of Congress

Every American can have a say in the way our nation is run -- first, by voting, and second, by reaching out directly to Members of Congress.

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Use this to call your Representative (whether Dem or GOP!).

Hi, my name is [Your Name] and I live in [City, State] and I am a constituent. I’m calling to demand Representative [Name] boldly oppose the impeachment of President Trump. The majority of Americans are absolutely sick of Democrats trying to undo the 2016 election.

Adam Schiff literally fabricated parts of the President’s call transcript, but led everyone to believe that he was reading from the actual transcript. When he was caught, he claimed it was parody. Is parody now allowed as evidence?

Nancy Pelosi has totally abandoned the tradition and rules of the House by not allowing the full House to vote yes or no on the impeachment inquiry, so now Americans have no idea where their elected Representatives stand.

This so-called impeachment inquiry is a farce and will damage our nation for a long time if allowed to go through. Put a stop to this NOW. I will make sure to keep track of how my Representative behaves and votes on this issue. Thank you.